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My name is Carmen. Welcome to our page.


Dumpling making was my first cooking lesson at school at the age of 14 in Hong Kong. My mother, who didn't enjoy cooking at all,  loved my dumplings and thought they were the best. So ever since I would make her some from time to time for almost 30 years.  Well, it was probably not the best dumplings in the world, but just like all mothers, whatever their children made must be the most delicious things they have ever tasted.


Dumplings, some of which we call Dim Sum (parcels with love) in Hong Kong, are in fact the perfect starting point for anyone who is interested in oriental cooking. It is fast and easy to make, where you can mix and match with all sorts of ingredients you like.  Prawns, Chicken, Pork, or any leftover mince and vege in your fridge.  If you fancy a  bit of luxury, add some caviar and truffles. You can boil, steam, fry, deep fry, dipping them in sweet and sour, chilles sauce, vinegar and tabasco. Simply be creative!


Dumpling making for many Chinese has a hidden meaning - 'Sharing' and 'Collaboration'.  It is a value we sometimes forget these days.  The Dumpling Muse is a start-up with a much bigger vision in mind. By introducing dumpling making, we hope to offer a unique experience where family, friends and colleagues can enjoy some quality and fun time together in a cozy, safe and interesting setting whilst learning something delicious to taste and making new friends, too.


Children aged 10 or above are in particular welcome to join our classes.  For our young and little dumpling makers, we hope the fun experience and delicious dumplings will excite them to learn and explore different cultures and the world.



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The Dumpling Muse

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Dumpling Making Class

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£149 per 2 adults; additional adult £59 per person


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We offer fun and easy dumpling making classes at our venue in Isleworth or at your Home (London).  Try something new, create your own dumplings and bring home some lovely delicious hand-made dumplings for your family and friends, too.


*Due to Covid-19, we no longer provide group classes